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Access to Numerous Artists, Mediums & Price Points

With a large selection of posters and original artwork to select from, Joan Of Art Corporate Art Consultants provides invaluable consulting services to clients in cities across Canada, including Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg. Representing countless artists spanning numerous mediums and price points, we proudly offer the following services based upon your specific needs:

  • Delivery of artwork to your location
  • Professional artwork installations (Complete professional installation is provided at no cost to our clients purchasing art or framing. Installation only is available at an hourly rate.)
  • Custom art framing
      • Pick-up & delivery service
      • Wide selection of frames
      • Corporate pricing
      • Quick turnaround times
  • In-office consultations
  • Artwork appraisals for corporate collections
  • Digital records of your art collection, including values for inventory & insurance purposes
  • Packaging & shipping for clients with offices in both Canada & the U.S.

Types of artwork available:

  • Original artwork
  • Limited editions
  • Custom giclées (digital inkjet prints)
  • Prints
  • Posters
  • Commissions
  • Original photography
  • Corporate branding
  • Prints on canvas
  • Sculptures
  • Murals
  • Maps

Your Initial In-Office Consultation

An initial on-site walk-through of your premises will include a meeting to discuss artwork ideas, establish a preliminary budget and determine the areas requiring artwork. We will also look at your existing artwork to assess possible placement within the new environment. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for your initial in-office consultation, please contact us at 905-737-9191!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, please find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

Q. Do you offer in-office consultations?

A.Yes. If you’re in a different city, we can send someone to your office to take photographs.

Q. What can I expect during an in-office consultation?

A.We will discuss your needs and requirements, while taking an inventory and assessment of your existing artwork, branding materials and your awards and plaques. We will review costs and assist with establishing a budget. We will determine placement of artwork, either on-site or from drawings, and discuss creative ideas. A selection of art pieces within your budget will be presented to you for your consideration.

Q. Can we use our existing artwork?

A.Yes, we will look at your existing artwork and determine if it meets your office’s needs. If we decide not to use your existing artwork, we can arrange to have it sold at auction. We can also arrange to use it in your office and add to it.

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